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2. There are different ways to earn:

a. You'll get different level.
- NEWBIE: Rate starts at $0.50/1K + commission from your downline earnings.
- JUNIOR STRIKER: Rate + (2%) + commission from your downline earnings.
- SENIOR STRIKER: Rate + (5%) + commission from your downline earnings.
- SILVER HAMMER: Rate + (8%) + commission from your downline earnings.

You'll start from NEWBIE level w/ a rate of $0.50/1k.
As you progress, your rate increase up to $1.00/1k.
Sometimes, it
takes you only 100 entries to increase your rankings.

b. You can have a bonus earnings if you belong to the top 100 workers.

c. You can also win a bonus lottery while you are working inside the site.

3. Pls. note that payment is made thru webmoney and can be requested
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Once you obtain a WMID (webmoney id),
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Your webmoney account, where your earnings will be
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4. Start working and increase your earnings
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5. The rating table:

This is rating table step - by - step you achieve these awards and get more earnings.
your quality on typing increase your earnings

percent of an increase A minimum bonus for 30 days
The beginner +0% 0
Younger Sticker +2% 100
The senior Sticker +5% 1000
Silver hammer +8% 5000
Gold hammer +10% 10000
the smith +15% 18000
The gold smith +20% 30000
Kuvaldo +25% 50000
Gold kuvaldometr +30% 80000
The younger borer +35% 120000
The senior borer +50% 170000
Deformator +120% 250000

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Data-entry operators may be assigned work like manipulating existing data, proofreading new entries into a database for accuracy and edit current information.

Data-entry work may involve handling sensitive information, and some examples of data sources include medical records and personal information of customers. Usually, this information is used internally by a company and may be reformatted before other departments or customers utilize it.

Keyers use various types of equipment to enter data. Many such data entry workers use a machine that converts the information they type to magnetic impulses on tapes or disks to enter information into a computer system.

Skilled/Unskilled Operators/Typists for Jobs Data Entry, Home Data Entry, Medical Data Entry

What is Data Entry?

Often people who work exclusively in the field of data entry are quick typists and they are able to read images or typewritten documents, and are accurate with the quality. In programming as well accurate data entry is a must as a wrong letter, number or symbol can throw off an entire command function of a program. Spreadsheets and documentation that will be published or printed, accurate and fast data entry is pre-requisite.

Work at Home

Most of information systems requiring a constant stream of data online; data entry doesn’t necessarily have to take place in an office or workplace. People work at their homes entering data, transcribing medical information, filling online forms or updating websites — especially websites that offer merchandise. You can find numerous telecommuting, data entry and work at home jobs available which provide people with an excellent way to have a flexible schedule.

Scam and Legitimate Data Entry

The most important thing for anyone who wishes to enter in the data entry field is “scam” offers, which promise data entry work if you pay a fee. There are many of these scams on the Internet and they offer too much incentives and bonus offers to make you signup and if do that they often send you just a list of many sites which are offering data entry and you will have to pay a fee to signup which all goes in vain. There are many legitimate data entry jobs available through reputable freelance sites that don’t require a fee. Typically, data entry jobs pay between 10-15 US dollars (USD) per hour. People with specialties like medical transcription, can make a little more than that.

Automated Data Entry

Now a days computer can perform bit of data entry by scanning documents and converting information into different programs. It is predicted that this method and others may ultimately take over some data entry jobs. For example, voice software might eliminate the need for medical transcriptionists at some point. If you are looking to work in the field of data entry, it can help to diversify your skills and learn something about the field in which you’re working. For example, if you spend days entering code for websites, insurance forms, online ads, learning tools to program in HTML and Java might make you more employable in the future.

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Data Entry USA

Data Entry UK

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Many companies seeking data operators/typists at present. Typing jobs and clerical jobs like data editing, data conversion, data processing, data entry resources are available. Many quality concerns are outsourcing now. In most of the Assignments you will be get paid monthly. Legitimate clerical jobs like freelancing, outsourcing and BPO jobs are available in plenty. Apply immediately. There is no limit for your Income. The more assignments you finish, the more you get paid.